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As the consciousness and energies on our planet are shifting, more people are feeling the need to heal their pain.  These energies can assist in the healing and I will help in this process because I've been there myself.



Intuitive Healer, Meditation Instructor,
Well-Being Counselor

Hello and Welcome to my site!  My name is Kaye Foerster and have been on the healing path for 30+ years. I have explored traditional and alternative ways for healing my past wounds and breaking unhealthy cycles of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Because of the deep shadow work I've done on myself and with others, I know about the power of our emotions working consciously and unconsciously.  I provide intuitive guidance, step by step work, a space of trust, and  presence for helping you release another layer of your pain and unhealthy conditioning.

Since 2015 I have been helping others committed to their healing.  I primarily work online with women in the United States and Europe.  I have a Masters in Education and am certified in yoga & meditation instruction.  I've gone through such practices as: different therapies, energetic healings, 12 step programs, body cleansing techniques and affirmations.   I've discovered that no one approach heals all, but it does give us another level of releasing so that we can better integrate with our higher self.




Many of us repeat certain thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy for us because we were not shown otherwise.  If we have judgements, resentments and doubts, these need to be replaced with different thought patterns in our brain and a greater connection to our heart.  Once we recognize the unhealthy and damaging patterns, we can change them.



So many of us hold shame and guilt due to our programming from culture, family, religion and school.  Shame and guilt are harmful to our well-being and do not reflect our divine nature.  These feelings need to be faced and healed.  Living without shame and guilt, and acting in alignment with what is good for us, is truly our birthright.

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If we had physical, emotional or sexual abuse in our past, it will play out in our present.  We often have people in our life who do not love and support us in a healthy way.  Deep down we do not believe we are worthy of love or that life can get better.   But transmuting these negative impressions and scars is possible so that we can know life is supporting us on our journey.

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