I've been working with Kaye for some time, and she has helped me more than years of therapy in understanding why I have had relationships with abusive men. I've been dealing with addiction in my life and working with her has helped me release my self-loathing and develop self respect and self care. I have learned the value of being vulnerable.

Lotus Andersen

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Courage to Face Yourself and Change

Much of our pain is rooted in our past.  We need to share the parts of us that have been suppressed in our subconscious to release their power over us. 

In our sessions, we...

  • find the root causes

  • do specific written, verbal and meditative work tailored to your needs

  • release their hold in our subconscious  

  • retrain thoughts and allow feelings to be

  • enable natural self love to express in our being



Sessions are held online 1 to 1
Weekend workshops for groups of 5-10 available on request

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1 hour sessions

For those who have done much inner work, but need occasional guidance and support through difficult times.


5 - one hour sessions

For those who have done inner work, but want to focus on a particular issue of pain more deeply.  Work needed between sessions for better results. 


10 - one hour sessions

For those who have painful experiences of abuse, shame and self-loathing that need to be released.  Work needed between sessions.




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